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Every professional valuator needs data (market comparables, financial comparisons, cost of capital, etc.). The first question is what to buy. The next is who should you buy from. You should also consider bundles (to save money & get more data) and even integration (especially if you use valuation software).

“I got the exact same two databases… plus FIVE more–for the same price!”

Following are the main databases by type (available al-a-cart or within select bundles).
Click each Database Name for a detailed description.

Available in these bundles
(save up to 77%)

Private Market Transactions

ValuSource Market Comps Over 49,000 comps, 750+ SIC/NAICS codes, covers 30 years. Mostly under 1 million in sales.
ValuSource M&A Comps Over 10,000 comps covers 10 years. From 1 to 250 million in revenue. Based on public 8K filings (public companies acquiring private companies).
BIZCOMPS® Over 12,000 comps, covers 10 years. Mostly under 1 million in sales.
Goodwill Registry Over 3,000 transactions containing the intangible values (goodwill) of medical and dental practices.

Public Market Financials & Transactions

Guideline Public Company Nearly 8,000 public companies traded on the major market exchanges. Provides full company financial statements.
FactSet Review Price to Earnings Ratios Provides five years of aggregate P/E data on 25 industries. FactSet Mergers data comes from FactSet Mergers database. Good sanity check for an industry P/E.

Financial Statement Peer Comparison and Industry Market Trends

RMA Valuation Edition Based on over 250,000 actual financial statements, includes I/S, B/S common size and ratios. Provides precise ranking (e.g., Gross Margins in 91st percentile among similar businesses).
Bizminer Starter Includes U.S. industry financial, local industry financial and sole proprietor reports.
Bizminer Premium Industry and geographic data covering 9,000 industries by zip code, county, metro or state.
ValuSource Financial Ratios (Based on IRS Data) Based on five million tax returns collected by the IRS (10 years data). Includes I/S, B/S common size and ratios.

Cost of Equity

Kroll U.S. Cost of Capital Module Includes three datasets that can be used to develop, augment and support your own custom analyses: (i) U.S. Cost of Capital Inputs, (ii) U.S. Industry Benchmarking and (iii) U.S. Company-level Betas.
Kroll International Cost of Capital Module Includes three datasets that can be used to develop, augment and support your own custom analyses: (i) International Cost of Capital Inputs, (ii) International Industry Benchmarking and (iii) International Company-level Betas.
Includes BOTH the Kroll U.S. Cost of Capital Module and the Kroll International Cost of Capital Module.

Discounts & Premiums

Pluris DLOM Database™ Over 3,000 transactions helps you determine an appropriate DLOM for your valuation--based on the largest restricted stock database available.
FactSet Review Premiums & Discounts Provides quantitative data for the Control Premium and Minority Interest Discounts. FactSet Mergers data comes from FactSet Mergers database. Contains five years of data for 25 industries.


Multi-Attribute Utility Model (MUM) Excel based analysis tool which provides a method to allocate personal verses professional goodwill.

Compensation Data

RCReports Over 12 million data points for wages covering virtually every possible position and geographic region. Additional Fees Apply

Databases and additional resources ONLY available in Bundles:

Economic & Legal

National Economic Reports Monthly national economic report that includes data and discussion on the economy including interest rates, employment, inflation, the stock and bond markets, construction, housing and real estate. Jan Only
Industry and Metro Reports Contains 1,000+ archived industry and metro reports written by the BVDataWorld custom research department.
Custom Research Reports A custom research report containing detailed, information-rich narrative on virtually any industry sector or segment in nearly any U.S. geographical area. Additional Fees Apply
First Research Reports Provides in-depth industry research reports on more than 700 industries. Additional Fees Apply
Federal & State Law Cases Contains 2,600+ federal and state court cases related to business valuation. Includes both summary and full case text.

Valuation Articles / News

Around The Valuation World A monthly 90 minute news webinar that reviews the month’s most relevant valuation topics and articles. Does NOT include CPE. CPE is available for additional purchase. Call 800-825-8763 for information
Business Valuation Articles Contains 9,400+ articles on business valuation, financial forensics, litigation, and related industry topics. Drawn from both general and specialized trade publications, government reports, white papers, and other sources.

Misc Resources

Valuation Reports Library Includes sanitized valuation report samples which can be used as a general reference and learning materials for valuators writing their own reports.
Conference Presentations Contains 1,000+ NACVA and IBA conference presentations on general and specific topics.
Compensation Data Includes Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) data broken down by job category, state, region and local areas.
S-1 Filings Includes 85,000+ pre-IPO filings which are useful to gather information on industry challenges and opportunities.
Expert Witness Profiler Helps you prepare for trial by providing a profile of the opposing counsel's expert valuation witness.

“I was spending $1,000 for two databases. With ValuSource, I spent $1035–and got the exact same two database, plus FIVE more! Plus, they all integrated seamlessly with ValuSource Pro.”

“I was spending $500 for one database. With ValuSource, I spent $745— and got the exact same database, plus FIFTEEN more! Nothing else compares!”