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Bizminer is the gold standard for industry and geographic data. There’s simply no other analysis out there that consistently reports at Bizminer’s level of detail. With 9,000 lines of business in thousands of U.S. market areas included in their analysis, you’ll get the most specific and accurate information and metrics not available from any other source.

Reports are available in both Excel and PDF formats and are delivered to you immediately.

Choose between two purchase options:

  • Bizminer Starter (includes 20 downloads year)
  • Bizminer Premium (includes 40 downloads per year)

The Bizminer financial and industry market databases: 

  1. Bizminer Local Industry Financial Reports – Rock-solid industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed Profit & Loss statements. , State and Metro reports: 36 financial ratios. Co-brand and customize. (Starter & Premium)
  2. Bizminer US  Industry Financial Reports – Rock-solid industry financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed Profit & Loss statements. US reports with 34 financial ratios; 3-5 year reports and up to 10 more legacy data years. Co-brand and customize. (Starter & Premium)
  3. Bizminer Industry Market Series – 3-year industry market research trends with monthly updates. 9,000 industries-any US or local market area. Competitive analysis, mapped intelligence, easy to customize. (Premium ONLY)

See Sample Reports:

Bizminer Sample Industry Market Report

Bizminer Sample Industry Financial Report

Access over a billion data points with Bizminer:

  • Save time and money – Bizminer has the most cost-effective industry and geographic data on thousands of U.S. market areas
  • Search the most current data – Bizminer uses more sources than any other similar report. Sources include the IRS, U.S. Economic Census, Bureau of Labor, and more
  • Get access to almost every report with the Bizminer Suite subscription option, which includes over 5 million reports.

Available Bizminer data:

Financial Analysis (Starter & Premium):

  • U.S. Industry Financial Profiles: Includes 3, 5 and 9 year reports
  • Local Industry Financial Profiles: Includes 3 and 5 year reports. State and metro versions of complete industry financials: 35 financial ratios, balance sheet and detailed profit & loss statements for 5,000+ lines of business. (Note: BizBenchmarker is now consolidated into this product)
  • Sole Proprietor Industry Financial Series – Includes expanded metrics and ratios

Market Analysis (Premium ONLY):

  • U.S. Industry Market Reports: Compelling industry market research trends for 9,000 lines of business. Customizable U.S.-State-Metro-County and zip code market area reports for each industry.
  • Competitive Market Narrative: Granular narrative analysis of any U.S. industry market.
  • Retail Sales per Square Foot Report: Industry sales per square foot research.
  • 3-Ring Demographic Profiles: Custom-selected radii from one to 100 miles for population demographics in any U.S. market. Value and percentages for population, age, race-ethnicity, employment, income education and housing.

Please note: The following reports are available to subscribers for an additional fee:

  • Vestimates
  • Business Prospect Lists
Bizminer Product Options

Single User



Bizminer Suite - Industry and geographic data covering 9,000 industries by zip code, county, metro or state. $1279 ADD TO CART
Bizminer Industry Market Trend Reports - Custom narrative competitive analysis of your firm, your industry and your market area- down to the zip code. $799 ADD TO CART