Sarah Komberec

Accounting Assistant / Sales

Sarah joined ValuSource in 2019, making her one of the newest members of our team. She loves to ride her bike in beautiful places, sketch cartoons and creatures of Lore, and spend time with her two dogs. It’s best not to challenge Sarah to a movie quiz because she is a big movie buff, especially fantasy and Disney movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Alice in Wonderland (with the books being far better, of course). Sarah is captivated by twilight hikes: the night sky, the quietness all around, and of course the sunrise at the top of the mountains – just her and nature! Most people don’t know that by the time Sarah was in Highschool she could play 7 instruments (in concert): piano, flute, trumpet, alto sax, trombone, clarinet and guitar.

Dave Miles

Business Valuation Manager / CFO at ValuSource

Dave is the Business Valuation Manager / CFO at ValuSource. For the last twenty years, he has worked on developing software and web applications, publishing datasets, and providing valuation expertise. As a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Valuation Analyst, he identifies the “what” and “why” of a valuation technique or database and then pass on that knowledge to both customers and the ValuSource team. Under the ValuSource brand, Dave also educates the market space through webinars and video content. He has co-authored an article on valuation and cyber security published in the Valuation Examiner.

Mark Roberts

ValuSource Support and ValuSource Market Comps Transaction Manager

Mark Roberts joined the ValuSource team in 2017. Not only does Mark work on maintaining and building ValuSource’s Market Comps database, he is working with users on tech support questions and building our knowledge based support site. Originally from Oregon, Mark built his first computer when he was 10. When he isn’t working with our users, you’ll find him playing with his cat, hiking or pursuing his love for computers and technology.

Dan D'Agnese

ValuSource Sales Account Manager

Dan joined the ValuSource team in 2001 after a career as a restaurant manager working for a steak house chain headquartered in California. During that time he worked in several locations in California, Texas, and Nevada. He was an extra in a movie about Las Vegas and once acted in a melodrama. Most people know Dan as an avid fisherman but don't know he was born in New York City. Dan's favorite food is the Baby Back ribs he prepares on his BBQ using a secret rub rather than a sauce. When Dan is not at the office serving clients, he likes spending time with his family playing board games and Texas Rummy. One of his favorite apps on his phone is a counter app that keeps track of species caught and who on his boat caught them (this is to keep the fish liars on his boat honest).