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ValuSource Products

Valuation Software Subscription – NEW! ALL of our valuation software for one low fee.
ValuSource Pro – #1 Best-Selling Business Valuation Software.
Valusource Pro International – The International version of Valusource Pro (IFRS vs GAAP).
Business Valuation Manager Pro – Custom version of ValuSource Pro built for NACVA.
Express Business Valuation – Light version of ValuSource Pro.
Business Valuation Report Writer – Add-on module for ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro and Express Business Valuation.
Zap Report Builder – Standalone report writer lets you create a Word document that contains Excel data, quickly and accurately, that changes automatically when the Excel data changes, without the risk of errors and allows for variable content.

Doing an International Valuation?

ValuSource Pro International

ValuSource Pro International has the same features as ValuSource Pro - except it uses the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) instead of GAAP. It also incorporates risks NOT included in ValuSource Pro such as, country risk, currency risk, legal risk, environmental risks and other risks not identified. All the other features of ValuSource Pro International are the same as ValuSource Pro.

Click the More Info button to see more information on ValuSource Pro which ValuSource Pro International is based on.

BVDataWorld – The World’s Largest Source for Valuation Databases.
Damages Advocate – The #1 Best-Selling Damage Calculation Software.
Business Evaluation Systems – Quick and easy business valuation with no financial or valuation background necessary.
Online Business Valuation – Designed specifically for business owners looking for an estimate of value for their business.

“Saves me a LOT of time, produces a better analysis and generates great looking reports”

“Same software used by NACVA during their training classes”

“Faster, more thorough and harder to make mistakes”

“Gathers information on current business valuations in every market in every region and then automates the number crunching for any of a number of different valuation approaches”