Online Business Valuation


Business owners rely on Online Business Valuation to value their business because it’s fast, inexpensive and easy to use.  No valuation experience required!

This on-line service is specifically designed for business owners to provide a fast and easy estimate of value for your business. The service is built using a combination of eight valuation methodologies, and a comparative database of over 35,000 businesses that have already sold in hundreds of industries (like an MLS for business sales).   Based on these methods and comparable sales data, Online Business Valuation estimates the value of your business and provides you with a customized 38-page report.

Why To Buy

Finding out what your business is worth is fast and easy – and incredibly cost effective when you aren’t yet ready for a formal business valuation. Whether you are the business owner, a partner, an investor or a shareholder, you will find the report provides an invaluable initial perspective on value when you are trying to:

  • Raise new capital or obtain loans
  • Change the structure of the company
  • Sell all or part of the company
  • Evaluate a company acquisition
  • Plan a tax strategy
  • Plan an exit strategy
  • Develop an Estate plan
  • Consider legal action
  • Consider retaining a professional appraiser
  • Maintain the value of your business through a divorce

How it Works

The service is interactive and provides you an immediate, grounded, and a reasonable estimate of the value of your business. The resulting 38-page report explains how your estimate of value was determined. This report is not a professional valuation of your business and is not suitable for submitting to the IRS or as evidence in a legal proceeding; however, it gives you a great ball park number to start with. If you need more precise and detailed information, you should use a professional valuator.

Features & Benefits

Here are 6 reasons to use Online Business Valuation to value your business:

  1. Provides a reasonable estimate of the value of your business, backed by a comprehensive report, in 30 minutes for $197. Love it or your money back. The $197 subscription includes all the reports you want in one year.
  2. Uses eight valuation methods and our database of over 35,000 actual sales of small businesses.
  3. Can use Online Business Valuation without financial training.
  4. Is a web-based service, so there is no software to install, no PC issues to deal with.
  5. An encrypted, secure connection keeps your business data safe.
  6. You could be making bad business decisions affecting the value of your business if you don’t really know what your business is worth.


Following are screenshots that show some of the unique features of Online Business Valuation. Click image to enlarge

“I’ve used Online Business Valuation to value a bar, a restaurant, a manufacturer, a trucking company, and a land title company. My clients are both business owners and attorneys. I use it to value estates.”

“In just 45 minutes, a business owner gets a great general idea about what his business is worth”


Single User$85


Business Evaluation Systems Online Business Valuation ValuSource Pro
Designed for Brokers
Designed for Owners and as a Marketing Tool for Brokers
Created by Answering Simple Questions
Valuation Knowledge Required
Produces Formal Appraisal
Produces “Most Probable Selling Price” Report
Incorporates IBA Market Data
Incorporates BIZCOMPS data


Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. For more information about Online Business Evaluation, or if you need support, please visit the support page.

Do I need valuation experience to use Online Business Valuation?

No.  Online Business Valuation requires no prior formal valuation experience.

What kind of report does Online Business Valuation produce?

Online Business Valuation produces a 38 page “Most probable selling price” report.

Does Online Business Valuation incorporate comparable market data?

Yes.  Online Business Valuation automatically includes IBA Market Data comparable sales transaction when you select the industry your company is in.

What if I have questions using Online Business Valuation?

With your Online Business Valuation subscription, you have access to our technical support staff via email or phone.   We are happy to answer your questions and help you get your report finished.

Can Online Business Valuation be used in court?

No.  Courts require a formal appraisal produced by a valuation professional.