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The Real Reason to Get a Business Valuation
New valuation process is the “Blood Pressure” test for your business!

Why Do You Need to Know?

As the owner of a small business, most of the time you wouldn’t consider a business valuation—unless there was a specific reason that made it necessary, (i.e. IRS, divorce, selling). But now there is a NEW reason not to wait.

It turns out that this business valuation process, is the FIRST and FASTEST indicator of the overall performance, health and value of your business. It’s the business “Blood Pressure” test—fast, easy and should be performed regularly.

If the process shows that your business is in the healthy range, you’re fine—if not, this test can tell you if there is a real problem to be addressed. Regardless, you’re better off knowing early, especially when there could be a few simple things that increase business effectiveness and value—and reduce your stress for a better lifestyle now. Shouldn’t you at least FIND OUT?


Online Business Valuation uses the industry’s newest and most reliable online system that produces a detailed ballpark valuation and performance report based on COMPARISONS of what actual businesses like yours have sold for. And it takes less than an hour!

Of course, if you just want to know the value of your business (for traditional reasons)—then Online Business Valuation is still the best available tool.

Online Business Valuation is the #1 purely market-based online business valuation software specifically designed for the business owner, not a valuation expert. It provides an excellent ballpark estimate of the value of your business in less than an hour!

In addition to being an indicator of the performance and health of your business, it can be extremely valuable when you need to:

  • Raise new capital or obtain loans
  • Change the structure of your company
  • Sell all or part of your company
  • Consider a company acquisition
  • Plan a tax or exit strategy
  • Develop an estate plan
  • Purchase life or business insurance
  • Consider legal action (divorce, etc.)

There are five main reasons to consider Online Business Valuation

  1. The ONLY valuation system to provide the overall performance, health and value of your business
  2. Extremely EASY-TO-USE, designed for Non-Valuation Professionals
  3. Uses purely MARKET-BASED Methodology
  4. MOST Comprehensive & Useful Reports
  5. BEST Professional Advice & Support

Plus, it is the Price Performance LEADER

"…the FASTEST indicator of the effectiveness and health of your business--
based on COMPARISONS of actual businesses like yours"