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Features & Benefits

Built for Non-Valuation Professionals

  • No Financial Statements. Does not require 3 years of financial statements, current income statements, balance sheets, or projected income– so you don’t have to search for it, or work with your accountant to put it together before you can do an assessment.
  • Simple Input Values. You only have to input values that you typically already know such as the length of your lease, the strength of ongoing accounts, your ability to pay off any loans, the general competition in your market or area, etc.– without having to consult your accountant or update old financials.
  • Easy to Understand Results. The report generates an easy-to-understand narrative and value, showing what your business might actually sell for. It also shows actual “comps” of what real businesses have sold for in your industry—making it extremely simple to understand.
  • Upgradable to ValuSource Pro. If you find a ballpark valuation isn’t enough, or you need advanced help from a professional, you can upgrade to ValuSource Pro.


  • Guided Questions. The program guides you through all the questions needed to complete your report—without requiring professional help.
  • Fewest Number of Inputs. Online Business Valuation only requests 29 fields of information vs alternative applications that average 43 (almost double the required inputs)—so it is easy and quick to complete.
  • Easy to Find Input Data. The program only requires qualitative information you typically already know (without spending hours trying to compile financials or do complicated research).

Purely MARKET-BASED Methodology

  • Uses and SHOWS Actual Industry Comps. Using ValuSource’s exclusive ValuSource Market Comps, the world’s largest database of over 40,000 businesses that have sold (“comps”), Online Business Valuation shows you what other companies sold for and how your company compares.
  • Minimal Sensitive Data. Does not require your financials or other sensitive data that you would rather keep secure.
  • Most Transparent. The Online Business Valuation final report provides the most transparent data, analysis, theories, and approach used to formulate your valuation —helping you feel more confident in the final results while minimizing hidden “black box” mystery calculations.
  • Less Complicated. Shields you from complicated financial gymnastics, but still provides the most probable selling price–so you receive your ballpark value with less hassle.
  • Uses Eight (8) Market Methods.
    Uses and transparently shows all market-based methods including:
    o Basic Method
    o Asset Value
    o Capitalization
    o Critical Factor
    o Debt Capacity
    o Industry Method
    o Comparable Transactions
    o Weighted Factors


  • Detailed Report. Online Business Valuation generates the industry’s most detailed ballpark valuation report (over 30+ pages versus the competitor’s 15-29 page reports)—you get a solid understanding (including actual comps) of how your report was generated.
  • SHOWS Actual Comps and Business Strength. Compared to peers, Online Business Valuation actually shows your business strength and value compared to your peers in your industry—providing you a valuation based on sales data.
  • Most Probable Selling Price. Provides a price based on what actual businesses have sold for, plus additional market-based factors—the most probable price you can expect.
  • Unlimited Number of Reports. Online Business Valuation does not have a cap on the number of reports you can generate–during your subscription, you can run a report for your business as often as you’d like.
  • Explained Methodology. Each one of the eight market methods used is explained and transparent in your report.
  • Summary/Conclusions. You are given a succinct overview at the beginning of your report, so you can quickly view necessary information.

FREE Advice & Support

  • Credentialed Valuators Provide Support. Your ValuSource support staff are actual certified professional valuators—so they can not only help you with the program, but also help you to understand the input and interpretation of data (a valuable resource that is completely unique to ValuSource).
  • Phone and Email Support. Get the help you need, when you need it.
  • User Guide. Detailed help files guide you through the process from entry to understanding your report.
  • Referral Network of Professional Valuators. ValuSource software is used by professional valuators and even by NACVA (the industry’s professional association) to train and certify valuators. As such, the company has access to the world’s largest network if you need expert referrals for further analysis.