FIVE main reasons to consider Online Business Valuation


ONLY System for Non-Financial Professionals

Minimal Financial Inputs

• Does not require 3 years of financial statements
• Does not require an accountant

Simple Input Values

• Only input values that you typically already know

Easy to Understand Results

• Shows what your business might actually sell for
• Also shows what other businesses’ in your industry actually sold for



Guided Questions

• Interview style—no professional help required

Fewest Number of Inputs

• 23 inputs vs alternative applications that require up to 43

Easy to Find Input Data

• Qualitative information you typically already know


Uses Purely MARKET-BASED Methodology

Uses and SHOWS Actual Business Sales (Comps)

• Using ValuSource’s exclusive IBA Market Data, the world’s largest database of over 40,000 comps (previous business sales)

Requires Minimal Sensitive Data

• Does not require 3 years of financials or other sensitive data

Less Complicated

• Shields you from complicated finance gymnastics
• Provides the most probable selling price

Uses Eight (8) Market Methods

• Basic Method, Asset Value, Capitalization, Critical Factor, Debt Capacity, Industry Method, Comparable Transactions, and Weighted Factors

Most Transparent

• Shows you actual business sales comparisons
• Less “black box” calculations


MOST Comprehensive & Useful Reports

Most Detailed Report

• Over 42 pages (vs 15-29) of the industry’s most detailed ballpark valuation report
• Report SHOWS Actual Business Sales

Analyzes Your Business Strength Against Businesses That Sold In Your Industry

• Provides the Most Probable Selling Price

Unlimited Number of Reports

• No cap on the number of reports you can generate each year

Customizable Report

• Easy to tailor the report with your own logo, add your own commentary, or integrate it into another report


BEST Advice & Support

Support from Credentialed Valuators

• Talk to actual certified professional valuators
• This resource is completely unique to ValuSource

Phone and Email Support

• Get the help you need, when you need it—even by phone,without extra costs

User Guide

• Detailed help files guide you from data entry to understanding your final report

Training Videos

• Tutorial webinars and videos available on the ValuSource website

Biggest Referral Network of Professional Valuators

• Through NACVA, Online Business Valuation has access to the world’s largest network for referrals for further expert analysis