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Goodwill Registry

The Health Care GroupĀ® Goodwill Registry database provides data on the intangible value of medical practices from over 3,000 transactions. This data is the definitive resource for valuing medial-practice intangibles. If you are valuing a medical, dental or other practice it’s important to consider comparables and there is no better source of comparable medical, dental and other practice data than the Goodwill Registry.


The Goodwill Registry is the nation’s largest database of health care practice transactions and the only source of actual goodwill values paid. Published by The Health Care GroupĀ® every spring since 1981, the Goodwill Registry contains data organized by medical specialty, state, location, and other characteristics.

The Goodwill Registry compiles data on the intangible values of medical and dental practices. By gathering and presenting information on “goodwill,” the Goodwill Registry assists appraisers, physicians and practice advisers in determining practice values.

As the largest and most comprehensive compilation of actual market data available, the Goodwill Registry is the definitive resource for valuing medical-practice intangibles for physicians and their advisers. Many medical, dental and other practice advisers and other experts find the information published in the Goodwill Registry to be an extremely useful tool, not only for practice valuations but also for practice value trend analysis and more.

The top 5 reasons to use Goodwill Registry:

  • It is the most comprehensive database available for comparable medical, dental and other practice data.
  • It contains hard to find intangible values for medical practices.
  • All the data can be exported to Excel for custom analysis and charting.
  • You can use custom searches to find exactly the data you are looking for (i.e. location, etc.).
  • Contains over 3,000 transactions.