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Features & Benefits

Following are the main features and benefits for Damages Advocate:

Guides you through damage calculations best practices

  • Smart Navigator. The program knows the damage calculations process, workflow and best practices and walks you through it step-by-step with sequential menus. Ensures you cover all the steps, whether novice or expert.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Covers every major option to ensure you do not miss critical analysis.

Generates comprehensive intelligent and automatic standards-based written reports

The report writer helps write the narrative and work schedules, and exports to Excel, Word and PDF. It includes:

  • Report. The report provides a standard 13 page damages report that includes the necessary schedules to defend your damages position.
  • One-Click Refresh. If you change any of the data you can click a single button to quickly re-create the report.

Comprehensive damage calculation workflow, and data integration

  • Comprehensive Workflow Decision Trees. The program covers the input, assumptions and databases necessary for every damages scenario. Includes decision trees for retirement, life span, employment, dependents, household services, medical expenses, and other damages.
  • Calculation Options. Allows you to make assumptions based on your expert opinions, applicable state law and jurisdiction.
  • Data Integration. Contains seven damages databases covering life expectancy, earnings by occupation, fringe benefits, pre-trial earnings growth, life expectancy of dependents, household services, and pre-trial growth of household services.

Smart and flexible content

The schedules have intelligence built-in and transform based on your assumptions.  This saves beginners from making critical mistakes, while allowing experts to finish much quicker. Includes:

  • Smart logic. Looks at your assumptions and intelligently determines which fields and choices should be displayed.
  • Easy to Modify. Because the output is built in MicroSoft® Word and Excel, they are easy to edit.

One-click database integration

  • Scope of Databases. Integrates with five major damages databases: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ciecka Donley & Goldman, Hunt, Pickersill & Rutemiller, Median Years to Retirement, Skoog & Cieka, and Dollar Value of a Day.
  • Automatic One-click Integration. Select your database, pick the specific data, and it automatically populates your schedule and narrative. No longer do you have to copy and paste into your spreadsheet, and then describe it–instead, it shows up in your schedule and narrative automatically.