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The Future of Business Valuation is Here – Seamless Transition from VSS8 to VSS9

The Future of Business Valuation is Here – Seamless Transition from VSS8 to VSS9

The rollout of our latest version of valuation software (VSS9) is well underway with users enjoying a smooth transition from the old version VSS8 to the new generation VSS9. Our dedicated support team is ready to help your seamlessly move to the new system. The feedback we have received is very encouraging and we look forward to more of our users switching over.

Improved Usability

The new system brings with it a completely new user interface which has significantly changed the usability of the software. This is probably the number one change our users have noticed. Windows are now color-coded: Analysis windows are green, Report windows are blue and Data windows are red.

The VSS8 docked toolbar has been replaced with a standard windows application.  This means you can have more than one window open at the same time which is especially helpful when you want to see the report at the same time as the analysis. You can also size or drag any window in VSS9 to any one of your monitors and even open more than one VSS9 window at a time (i.e., Analysis window, Report window, or Data window). And these are just a few of the updates that are game-changers for saving time and eliminating frustration.

Personalized Support

Our support team is ready to help users switch over. Most users have switched over without any issues. The only issues we have had are around converting some custom user spreadsheets which can come with their own challenges, but we have worked closely with those users to solve any conversion problems. If you are having any issues switching to VSS9, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mark at

Embracing Change

There is no need to be concerned about switching over since both VSS8 and VSS9 can both be installed on your computer at the same time. You can run both versions, but it’s important to note that if you create a valuation in VSS9 or convert a VSS8 project to VSS9, it can’t be opened in VSS8. This makes sense since the improved functionality and usability are not backward compatible with VSS8.

Switching over is as easy as emailing Mark at and he’ll get you set up so you can hit the ground running with your next valuation.

Software, especially our software which is built to integrate Microsoft Excel and Word, needs to be updated on a regular basis to continue to meet the needs of professional valuators in the ever-evolving world of valuation. For 36 years (wow-cannot believe it has been that long!) we have been focused on building the best valuation software to help you automate and standardize a thriving valuation practice. VSS9 is the culmination of these efforts and we hope you enjoy it!