Results of Our October Survey

By November 4, 2021Surveys

We want to thank those who participated in our survey last month. While anecdotal in nature, let’s share the results.

Question 1

We know that expressing a value of a business is both an art and a science. Because of the unique fact patterns surrounding all business, and because in real life, precision is not always precise, we asked the question how close is comfortable. An overwhelming 75% of respondents agreed that if the value was within plus or minus 10% of concluded value, they had done a good job. One interesting interpretation of this question is that professionals in valuation feel that the concluded values are over 90% correct. It follows that the industry is providing accurate, reliable information.

Question 2 and Question 3

Add-ins in Excel and Word can help efficiency and effectiveness in financial modeling. At least that is the presumption of an add-in. While there was no exploration into reasons why or why not, less than 33% of respondents use add-ins. Some of the popular ones are Capital IQ, Solver, Developer and Grammarly.

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