Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator: U.S. Cost of Capital Module

The Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator: U.S. Cost of Capital Module is an interactive, web-based platform that guides finance professionals through the steps of calculating Cost of Capital, a key component of any valuation analysis.

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  • Data accessible anytime, anywhere
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  • Enhanced, auditable outputs
  • New version makes new features available that could not be done with a book

New Features

“Size” Tables Now Included: The CRSP Deciles Size Study size premium table (and decile breakpoints) and the Risk Premium Report Study size premium and “risk premium over the risk-free rate” tables (and portfolio breakpoints):

  • Are viewable within the Cost of Capital Navigator
  • Are included in the Navigator’s PDF outputs

Excel Add-in: Already have your own Excel models and templates set up the way you like them to perform your valuation analysis? Then the new Cost of Capital Navigator Excel “Add-in” is designed just for you. This powerful new tool enables Cost of Capital Navigator users to directly import Kroll (Duff & Phelps) cost of capital data (size premia, equity risk premia, risk free rates, betas, industry risk premia and more) into their own Excel spreadsheets. Click to learn more.

Enhanced Outputs: “Enhanced Reports” provide robust and comprehensive documentation of the user’s cost of capital assumptions, sources, analysis, and results. The enhanced reports will be available as an export to PDF and Excel.

Estimate WACC: Users can incorporate their cost of equity capital estimates into a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) computation

Data included

Size Premia and Risk Premia:

  • CRSP Deciles 1–10 size premia, plus the 10th Decile split
  • Risk Premium Report Size Study size premia and “risk premia over the risk-free-rate”
  • Risk Premium Report Risk Study “risk premia over the riskfree rate”
  • High-Financial-Risk Study size premia and “risk premia over the risk-free rate”
  • Comparative Risk Study (fundamental risks of companies comprising Risk Premium Report Size Study portfolios)

Risk-free Rates:

  • Spot long-term risk-free rates (from the Federal Reserve, updated daily)
  • Kroll long-term normalized risk-free rate (adjusted for impact of flights-to-quality, actions of the Federal Reserve, and inflation expectations)

U.S. Equity Risk Premia (ERPs):

  • 1926–present Historical (i.e., realized) ERP
  • 1926–present Supply-side ERP • Kroll Recommended ERP (reflecting current point in business cycle)


  • Industry-level betas (Full-Information, Vasicek-Adjusted, Sum, and High-Financial-Risk Betas)
  • Industry Risk Premia for use in the Build-up method • Debt betas (for unlevering and relevering betas)

Company Lists:

  • List of companies used to calculate Full-Information Betas and Industry Risk Premia (updated quarterly)
  • List of companies used to calculate “Pure-Play” U.S. industry statistics (updated quarterly).

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Note: The Trial Subscription contains limited data: U.S. company-level data with 2015 year-end annual data (i.e., December 31, 2015) and quarterly data as of March 31, 2016 and June 30, 2016.

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Here we walk through several new features to the Cost of Capital Navigator.

Deep dive into Cost of Capital Navigator – case study on how to use the Navigator.

The Kroll Navigator provides both CRSP data and Risk Premium Report data. This video shows how to use the Navigator to develop a cost of equity estimate using the Risk Premium Report data.

Learn more about the Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator Excel add-in.

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