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Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator

The Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator is an online platform that guides you through the process of developing global cost of capital estimates, a key component of any valuation analysis. You can subscribe to any or all four cost of capital modules, each offering three annual subscription levels: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

The Cost of Capital Navigator guides the user step-by-step through the process of estimating cost of capital, allowing either Kroll’s global data or custom inputs to be incorporated into the analysis. Our solution is comprehensive, providing users with multiple alternative models and corresponding required inputs as they use their professional judgement in developing their own estimates. Users can export their work or download data using the Navigator Excel add-in directly into their own spreadsheets, saving time and ensuring a consistent, accurate analysis. Results can also be downloaded into a standard report format suitable for review by auditors and other stakeholders with inputs and assumptions clearly documented.

Excel Add-in
Already have your own Excel models and templates set up the way you like them to perform your valuation analysis? Then the new Cost of Capital Navigator Excel “Add-in” is designed just for you. This powerful new tool enables Cost of Capital Navigator users to directly import Kroll cost of capital data (size premia, equity risk premia, risk free rates, betas, industry risk premia and more) into their own Excel spreadsheets.

Why buy?
• Global Cost of Capital Data
• Comprehensive solutions to Quantify Risk
• Thought Leadership and Expert Guidance
• Reliable, Timely and Accurate Data

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