DoneDeals® provides almost 7,000 comparable sales transactions for private and public mid-market companies over the prior 10 years. Business sale price ranges from $1 million to $250 million, with 50% being under $10 million. Data is collected from public 8K’s when public companies acquire a private company.


With the DoneDeals database, you receive hard-to-obtain corporate transaction details for private and public mid-market companies.  Market-based valuations are typically very difficult to perform on small to mid-size companies due to the lack of comparable data. DoneDeals® solves this issue by providing multiples on the sales of mid size companies so your valuations are based on real data, not estimates.

To keep your data up-to-date, DoneDeals includes quarterly updates.

Top 6 reasons to use DoneDeals

  1. Select data by Industry or SIC.
  2. Perform custom searches for data.
  3. Sort data by any field.
  4. Export data to Excel.
  5. Statistical analysis (high, low, mean, median, Standard Deviation) of selected transactions including Asking Price, Annual Revenue, Sale Price, % down, Sales Price/Revenue, Seller Discretionary Earnings/Revenue, Sales Price/Seller Discretionary Earnings, Inventory and FF&E.
  6. Charts of Price to Annualized Revenue, Price to Annualized Net Income, Price to Assets, Price to Stock Holders Equity, Price to Annualized Cash Flow, Price to Annualized EBITDA.

Available in these bundles
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Single User$595

Multi User$955

DoneDeals data includes:

SIC, Closing Date, Price (millions), Buyer’s City, Buyer’s State, Buyer’s Zip, Seller, Seller’s Description, Sale Type, Terms, Business Type, Seller’s Revenues, Seller’s Annualized Revenues, Revenue Info, Revenue Months, Seller’s Net Income, Seller’s Annualized Net Income, Income Info, Income Months, Seller’s Assets, Asset Info, Stockholders’ Equity, Stockholders’ Equity Info, Cash Flow, Annualized Cash Flow, Cash Flow Info, Cash Flow Months, EBITDA, Annualized EBITDA, EBITDA Info, EBITDA Months, P/E, P/R, P/SE, P/A, P/CF and P/EBITDA.

Works with these products:

  • Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet
  • Downloads into ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro and Express Business Valuation