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Software Licensing and Microsoft Office 2019 Changes

Microsoft recently released Office 2019 and have changed the way they offer and deliver Office. Office 365 is also now based on the 2019 version/feature set and it is now called “Office 365”. Office 2019 is the last “year based” version of Office that Microsoft will ever release (i.e. 2013, 2016, 2019). In the future, Microsoft will only be providing new Office features / updates through Office 365.

In the past ValuSource has licensed our software based on the version of Office you are using but that is no longer possible because of the changes Microsoft has made to the way they deliver and sell Office. Therefore, ValuSource valuation software (ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro, Express Business Valuation and Report Writer) will only be available through an annual subscription.

This does NOT change your ability to run the version of software you originally purchased on the version of Office you purchased it for.

Starting October 15th, 2018, ValuSource software is only offering our valuation software through an annual subscription.

If you already purchased our software for a prior version of Office and have upgraded to Office 2019 or are using Office 365, starting January 1, 2019, you will need an annual software subscription to use our valuation software on this new version of Office. Pricing will depend on when you purchased your valuation software from us.