FIVE main reasons to consider Online Business Valuation


PROVEN Lead Machine

There are several reasons why providing a free valuation will help you generate more and better leads and build new business, faster.

Differentiate yourself from competitors and get attention

• A FREE ballpark business valuation can act as a “hook” to attract new clients.

Identify higher-net worth individuals with more assets

• Targeting business owners means you typically find individuals with the higher income.

Provide better financial planning services

• Knowing what a business is worth makes it easier to assess the owner’s needs.

Build your reputation as a “trusted advisor”

• Most owners over estimate their business’ value putting your calculations at risk for a shortfall.

Make connections with more high net worth prospects

• Offering a FREE business valuation adds value and credibility to help you close the bigger accounts easier.


COMPLETE Marketing Kit

Includes a complete marketing kit designed by one of the nation’s top marketing professionals. Contains proven lead generation approaches—helpful for all areas of your practice.

Personalize Report

• The option to personalize your client’s valuation reports with your logo.

A promotional video explaining the value of a ballpark valuation

• It’s easy to send a video link to prospects to help generate a lead, or use this in one-on-one meetings. An optional personalized video is also available.

An Easy-to-follow sales manual

• This document details the entire sales process of prospecting, explaining your services, and overcoming objections – all to help you close more business.

The complete Marketing Kit also includes:

  • Product Slick
  • Testimonials
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Promotional Pick List
  • Email Templates
  • Phone Dialogues
  • Competitive Matrix
  • Sales Manual
  • Client PowerPoint
  • SEO Template
  • Website SEO PowerPoint
  • Sample Landing Page
  • Case Studies
  • Videos


BEST Ballpark Valuation

Purely Market-Based Methodology

• Using ValuSource’s exclusive IBA Market Database, the world’s largest database of over 40,000 comps (previous business sales).

Uses and SHOWS Actual Business Sales (Comps)

• Shows you actual business sales comparisons.

Requires minimal sensitive data

Uses Eight (8) Market Methods

• Including: Basic Method, Asset Value, Capitalization, Critical Factor, Debt Capacity, Industry Method, Comparable Transactions, and Weighted Factors—ensuring the most reasonable market-based ballpark value.


Quickest, Easiest To Use & Understand

Guided questions

• Program follows step-by-step process to complete your report

Easiest & fewest input values

• ONLY requires information your clients typically already know

Easiest-to-understand report

• Made for non-financial professionals
• No financial statements or expertise required
• Easy to interpret results


BEST Value for the Money

MOST Affordable Option

• Lower overall cost
• Lower cost per report – unlimited reports

Unequalled free support – from professional valuators!

• Support staff are credentialed professional valuators ready to help with the program, understanding the valuation process and interpreting the results – UNIQUE to ValuSource