Features & Benefits

Free Valuation to Generate More Leads

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors. Offer a FREE ballpark business valuation to attract new clients.
  • Identify higher-net worth individuals. Target business owners with higher income and more financial needs.
  • Provide better financial planning. Knowing the value of a client’s business means you are better able to assess their investment needs.
  • Establish reputation as a “trusted adviser”. Since most owners massively over-estimate their business’ value, you can provide a more reasonable estimate of their current value using an actual ballpark business valuation.
  • Achieve higher close ratios. Attract clients with the added-value of a FREE valuation and ability to show shortfalls that may exist in their current financial plan (including being under-insured).

Marketing materials, marketing tools, and marketing processes

  • Tested SEO Landing Page. An easy-to-modify template you can host on your website to generate local traffic and leads.
  • Re-brandable Promotional Slick. A persuasive promo document that explains your free valuation process, 3-5 reasons they should consider it and how you can help them.
  • Case Studies & White Paper. Examples from other companies that have had a free valuation, plus white papers that tout your valuation process.
  • Email marketing templates. Professional templates you can personalize to promote your free valuations and generate leads.
  • Promotional Video. A persuasive video that touts the value of a ballpark valuation—optional personalized video.
  • “Light” Valuation Calculator. An online calculator to add to your site that helps your visitors see a high-level estimate of their business’ value. Helps generate leads for a more detailed valuation that you can now provide.
  • Personalized Valuation Report. You can personalize (with your logo, look and feel and contact info) every valuation report generated through Online Business Valuation (unlike alternatives that only produce a non-editable PDF).
  • Phone Dialogues. Proven scripts that show how to initiate a cold call, how to follow up on a lead and even leave a voice message (that typically generates 9x more returned calls).
  • Practical Sales Manual. Easy-to-follow sales manual explaining the entire sales process of prospecting, how to explain your services, overcome objections and close more business.


  • Uses and shows industry comps. Online Business Valuation shows the business’ actual strengths and value, compared to its peers in the industry.
  • Uses Eight (8) Market Methods. Uses and transparently shows all market based methods including: Basic Method, Asset Value, Capitalization, Critical Factor, Debt Capacity, Industry Method, Comparable Transactions, and Weighted Factors—ensuring the most reasonable market-based ballpark value of your business.
  • Transparent. The Online Business Valuation report provides the most transparent data, analysis, theories, and approach used to formulate your valuation.
  • Provides Most Probable Selling Price. Shows the price the business will likely sell for based on Online Business Valuation’s purely market-based methodology.
  • Minimal Sensitive Data. Does not require detailed financials or other sensitive data that your client may want to keep private. This also saves time.

Quickest, Easiest to Use & Understand

  • Guided Questions. The program guides you through all the questions needed to complete the report.
  • Minimal input values. Only requires information your client typically already knows. The system also only uses 23 inputs vs alternative applications that average 43—so it is easy and quick to complete.
  • Easy-to-Understand Results. The report is easy-to-understand and shows what your client’s business might actually sell for, but it also shows actual previous sales (comps) of real businesses in your client’s industry—making it extremely simple to understand.
  • Made for non-financial professionals. Requires no financial statements, has simple input values and produces easy-to-understand results.


  • Unlimited Reports. Includes an unlimited number of assessments and reports, for an unlimited number of prospects.
  • Free Support – from Professional Valuators!. ValuSource support staff are credentialed professional valuators, available by email or phone to help with the program, guide you through valuation processes and can help interpret the results.
  • User Guide. Detailed help files guide you through the process from entry to understanding your report.
  • Training Videos. Tutorial webinars and videos available on the ValuSource website.
  • Referral Network of Professional Valuators. ValuSource software is used by professional valuators and even by NACVA (the industry’s professional association) to train and certify valuators. As such, the company has access to the world’s largest network if you need expert referrals for further analysis.