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Business Appraisers

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Must-have valuation databases enhanced with built-in intelligence, software to automate and standardize the valuation process, training and consulting that professional appraisers have relied on for over 24 years.

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Business Brokers

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Determine the most probable selling price for a business, qualify your sellers and increase your professional reputation with tools used by professional brokers for over 15 years.

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Business Owner /

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Value your business on-line — quickly, easily and inexpensively. ValuSource provides the valuation you can trust — from our free Valuation Dashboard to our quick and easy Online Business Valuation service.

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Economic Damages -

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Quickly calculate economic damages for Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Employment Law in your office with step-by-step applications with built-in data tables. For attorneys, CPAs and expert witnesses.

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ValuSource, sometimes called ValueSource, has been providing business valuation solutions for over 24 years. Professional business appraisers, valuation analysts, business brokers, corporate merger and acquisition specialists, investment bankers, CPAs and small business owners and stakeholders in small businesses regularly turn to ValuSource for business valuation software, valuation databases, and online valuation solutions.

Professional business appraisers and M&A specialists who are seeking software with complete business valuation methods and software to help them quickly create business valuation reports or valuation software to standardize their valuation practice have relied on ValuSource to equip them with business valuation tools that have stood the test of time.

Business brokers who are seeking the most probable selling price for a business, or to value a business to manage the expectations of sellers and buyers, have come to ValuSource for business valuation software and small business comparable data for over a decade. Professional business broker software and the comparable business sale data from ValuSource help the broker to establish a professional appearance and guide all parties to a successful transaction.

Business owners, or stakeholders in small businesses, are quickly learning that ValuSource’s online valuation solutions provide them with more accurate value estimates than business valuation calculators or rules of thumb for business value. When small businesses aren’t in a position to spend the time or money on a professional business valuation report, ValuSource’s online services help them determine small business value quickly and accurately. So when it’s time to value your business or find a selling price for your interest in a business, visit Valusource.com.

CPAs, accountants and financial consultants who need to calculate business value to assist their clients can find a variety of solutions at ValuSource, from the complex and highly accurate to the quick and easy, depending on the nature of their need to determine business value. So for company valuation software and transaction databases, ValuSource meets their needs.

So whatever business valuation tool you are seeking, from company valuation software to online company valuation, ValuSource continues to be the vendor of choice, for business valuation software, business valuation databases and online company valuation.