Why To Buy

How do you even startor standardize your consulting practice, using the best methodology, to generate the best client results, teach everyone your approach so you can scale, market your new practice and get the support you need, quickly, at a price that pays for itself with just one new client?

Perhaps you should consider…

As the market leader, CoreValue Software (patent pending) has been used by business consultants to help thousands of companies with aggregated gross revenues over $142 Billion.  CoreValue Software uses the only operational methodology born at MIT, accepted by the NACVA, adopted by over 50% of NIST manufacturing centers, and promoted to the American Cities Business Journals readership of 13MM.

SIX reasons to consider CoreValue


The BEST Methodology

When starting (or standardizing) your consulting practice, it helps knowing you have the absolute BEST practices and methodology—so even your newest consultant always produces accurate recommendations. Will not disrupt your existing work.


BEST results

CoreValue’s holistic program produces the MOST accurate assessment, has the BEST reports, identifies the MOST engagement opportunities and can show validated client ROI—it works!

As the price-performance leader with a deep dive analysis and executable growth plan, CoreValue provides the highest ROI and helps you to pay for the entire program with a single client!


EASIEST to use

When adding technology and services to your practice, you need to make sure they are easy to use and will not disrupt your existing work.


The BEST training
and support

When relying on a service to generate work product and revenues, you need to know you are getting the best support with a dedicated Customer Success Team and dedicated email, phone, web portal and chat support, with US time zones, so you can get help you need, when you need it. A comprehensive ten hour training program is available through NACVA.


The BEST marketing
materials, marketing tools,
and marketing process

CoreValue comes with proven and comprehsieve marketing and sales system with materials to help you attract, close, and service new clients –even if you are brand new to the field. It’s like a “consulting-practice- in-a-box.


Performance Leader

CoreValue is the industry’s lowest cost per advisor consulting system and the assessment dashboard, reporting and consulting tools are the best value in the industry. You can recover your entire expense from a single client.