Features & Benefits

Following are the main features and benefits for CoreValue, the #1 Best-Selling Business Consulting System. The program systemizes this within two main modules (Discover and Unlock):


  • Quick Reporting. Both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 complete assessment generates detailed reports in seconds.
  • Measures 18 Value Drivers. The framework has detailed drivers and sub drivers to determine your client’s operational rating. This helps you uncover more service opportunities in less time. Following are the 18 value drivers:
    • Growth
    • Recurring Revenue
    • Brand
    • Large Potential Market
    • Barriers to Entry
    • Margin Advantage
    • Dominant Market Share
    • Product Differentiation
    • Customer Diversification
    • Company Overview
    • Operations
    • Human Resources
    • Financial
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Legal
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Senior Management
    • Innovation
  • ADD-ON Analytics Package. An additional add-on product that helps you analyze the data in your pipeline and helps you understand your client at an operational level. Helps you to find ways to grow your client’s business and build your marketing approach.
  • Holistic Operational Analysis. Analyzes the totality of a company’s operational areas to uncover service opportunities across all value drivers. Leverages best practices from assessment through execution to maximize results.
  • Consulting Tools. Delivers ALL of the tools needed to uncover and service specific consulting engagements, including:
    • Red Flag Finder. Shows your client the biggest risks to their business and how to fix them.
    • Bang-For-The-Buck Sorting. Sorts by cost, time, ease of implementation and disruptiveness. Helps you analyze the holes in your client’s business and rank them accordingly—helps you start showing results fast.
    • Value Improvement Tips. Generates tips for improving company value. You can give your client a handbook with a list of tasks to help them turn their business into a high performance, high value company.
    • Road map and projection builder. Creates growth projections and road maps to achieve objectives. Shows you and your client the ROI for using your services to improve operational performance.
    • Multi-scenario testing. Enables you to model “What If?” scenarios to show the increase in company value based on “what if” inputs. Supports strategic planning to optimize results.
    • Task ROI Predictor. Shows you and your client the actual value of completing a task, so you can prioritize tasks based on the value of the task.
    • Value Scoreboard. Each completed tasks shows an increased operational value on your scoreboard making it easy to show your client the value of your work.
    • Rating Scoreboard. Your scoreboard rating increases as each task is completed.
    • Notepad. Make notes in the system within each value driver section so you can refer back to them when creating your client report.
    • Custom Task Creator. Add your own custom tasks in addition to the standard suggested task.
    • Score manager. Review your client’s progress and adjust assessments based on real time progress to ensure best results.
    • KPI Tracker. Tracks key performance indicators to show progress your client is making using your services.
    • Report writer. Easily ad narrative text to the charts and graphs using CoreValue’s Report Writer (included). Delivers professional report in PDF format.

Proven results

  • Accurate Reports. Includes accurate operational value calculator –which can be used in conjunction with a standards-based Valuation to make value actionable. You can give your client a reasonable financial value, with actionable
  • Detailed Reports. In addition to calculating the potential value of the business and operational rating, detailed reports include value gap, top value gap areas, red flag threats to value, benchmarking to peers–plus you can link specific advisor products and services directly to client issues. You and your client will clearly see risks to company value, how to fix them, and what it’s worth.
  • Value Gap (maximize business value). Determines the difference between what your client’s business could sell for today and what it could sell for if run like its strongest peers –based on market data showing what the best run businesses actually sell for. Then includes the detailed steps needed to improve the business to potentially get the highest value.
  • Workbook. In addition to the Unlock assessment tools, the detailed workbook and tasks track the value you create over time. This actionable plan guides you and your client through implementing best practices, building value and strengthening operations.
  • Long-Term Client Engagement. 18 Value Drivers, 74 Sub-Drivers and 201 Task Areas identify areas for projects and multi-year client engagement.


  • Initial Assessment. 10-15 minute survey is converted by patented algorithms into a valuable, actionable Executive Report. Includes current operational value, potential value, top three troubled value drivers, and benchmarking.
  • Advisor and Client Access. The system is controlled by the advisor, and after the deep-dive analysis, control of the executable growth plan can be handed off to the client.
  • Plain English. Uses straight-forward language and an intuitive interface so everyone understands the system: senior advisors, junior staff, and clients.
  • Design. Designed to promote client engagement with the assessment, workbook and tasks. Tracks progress, tangible milestones and the ROI for completed tasks.

Customer support

  • US Tech Support. Dedicated Customer Success Team and dedicated email, phone, web portal and chat support, with US time zones.
  • Managed On-boarding. Dedicated on-boarding team included in certain pricing bundles; also available a-la-carte.
  • Rapid Orientation. Web-based orientation available.
  • CoreValue and NACVA Advisor Training. Advanced training webinars, videos, tutorials and FAQs; plus available “Build Your Practice” training through NACVA. Available on-site software training from CoreValue.

Marketing materials, marketing tools, and marketing process

  • Industry Best Practices & Processes. Proven marketing materials to attract new clients and increase revenues from existing clients. 
  • Marketing Promotions. Marketing materials include email and phone scripts, collateral, campaigns, website messaging, SEO to get local leads, sample presentations, speaker notes, and more.
  • Lead Generation Tools. CoreValue includes separate modules to help you generate leads, including:
    • Free Discover Report. Free initial 15 minute analysis of company strength and value. Your prospect completes a free initial 15 minute assessment survey—during a one-on-one conversation, or self-served via a web or email link (creates a qualified lead). The CoreValue system then generates a free discover report you can deliver to show the operational strength and value of their business, benchmarked against their industry, showing what the company could be worth if it performed like its strongest peers.The report shows the holes you can identify to initiate the engagement with the first paid service—the deep dive analysis (which then produces a custom executable short and long-term plan to build their business and potentially generate a multi-year consulting engagement).
  • Industry Best Practices & Processes. Proven marketing materials to attract new clients and increase revenues from existing clients. 
  • Marketing Promotions. Marketing materials include email and phone scripts, collateral, campaigns, website messaging, SEO to get local leads, sample presentations, speaker notes, and more.
  • Lead Generation Tools. CoreValue includes separate modules to help you generate leads, including:
    • Custom Content Delivery Engine. An additional add-on module that allows you to enhance your Discover Report to display custom content based on the client’s specific Discover responses. This content could include links to personal contact information, blog posts, PR, white papers, web landing pages, and articles– highlighting how your products and services solve their problems.
    • Discover Workshop – Marketing Events. Another add-on (included with the Unlimited license), that allows you to use Discover with a group of business owners/executives in a ‘Discover Workshop’ marketing event or webinar. Each participant gets a free Discover Report and you get each participant’s Discover data. This module includes Discover Analytics to automatically pool and analyze your specific group’s results (i.e., the group has a 36% value gap—the common gap is only 12%–they need help). Shows the aggregated/anonymous results to the group to highlight both the group’s common issues and your ability to solve their respective problems.
    • Co-branded. All tools and marketing materials can be re-branded with your logo or banner to help build your own brand.

Best Value

  • Easy to buy. Pricing and sample reports available online–licenses sold through company web site. 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Low price per advisor. Low cost to purchase and implement.
  • Free Initial Assessment. Initial assessment and Executive Report are FREE to both the advisor and client.
  • Low price per client. Detailed initial assessment is FREE, thereafter the assessment dashboard, the paid assessment, reporting and consulting tools (level 2) are very affordable.
  • FREE Training/Support. Technical orientation and software training are free (except on-site). No hidden or additional costs: buy online, review orientation and FAQ’s, and you can use with your clients immediately.