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Features & Benefits

The following are key features and benefits of Zap Report Builder:

Integrate Excel Data in Word

  • Microsoft Word & Excel Based. Zap Report Builder creates a ribbon inside of Word and Excel allowing you to link your Excel data to your Word document.
  • 100% compatible with Word. Built into Word to eliminate formatting or compatibility issues.
  • Never leave Word & Excel.  Zap Report Builder allows you to remain entirely in Word—using an application you already know, while simplifying and speeding up the process of getting the data you need into a document.
  • Leverages Existing Documents. Use all your existing Word documents, make live links to Excel in seconds, which are all automatically updated whenever you make a change in Excel.
  • Workbook Management. Manage Excel Workbooks from inside Word to create and manage where all links.

Linking Tool for Easy-to-Complex Projects

  • Built for Extracting Excel Data. Zap Report Builder pulls Excel data into Word for any type of report from simple documents to complex reports with hundreds of pages and links.
  • Linked Data. Brings CELLS, RANGES & CHARTS from Excel to Word using point and click to create the links.
  • Live Linked.  Auto-update a few, or hundreds of Excel data links with a click of a button—changes ripple through your document helping to eliminate errors and save time.
  • Variable Content.  Create variable content (sentences, paragraphs and sections) in Word, with logic in Excel to easily include or exclude content in your report—quickly and without coding.
  • Simple Link Management.  Manage links to Excel data from inside Word with options to update all links, just text links, set specific links or lock links.
  • Create Aliases for Links You Use Often. Like report date, valuation date and business name.
  • Document Automation. By creating report templates, you can automate the creation of any report that contains Excel data.
  • Complete Link Transparency. Quickly find the Excel source for any link in the Word document.Check or repair links, color code text links and read the code behind each link.
  • Template Creation. Create templates from any existing Word documents so you can quickly create reports. Optional Content. Build templates to include or exclude specific test based on rules you set up in Excel.

Easy to use

  • Minimal Learning Curve. You don’t have to learn another app if you already know Word and Excel.
  • Fastest Report Generator. With point-and-click, copy / paste creation, you can quickly design and generate your documents with a minimal learning curve.
  • Reusable Documents / Reports. Each document can be re-used multiple times by changing the Excel data source.

Price Performance Leader

  • Live VOICE Support. Talk to a live person and get immediate help.
  • FREE US-Based Support. No cost for support or updates.
  • Excellent ROI. Saves up to 50% of the labor of manual changes—and preserves your reputation without errors.