IRS Corporate Ratios

The IRS Corporate Ratios provides industry standard financial statement benchmarking data for over 250 industries. This data will assist you in benchmarking a target company’s financial performance against industry norms.


IRS Corporate Ratios is the only source of financial ratio benchmarks derived directly from more than 5 million corporate tax returns collected by the IRS. The database comes with ten years of IRS data so you can perform multi-year analysis as well as industry trend analysis.

Top 6 reasons to use IRS data:

  • Select data by book industry or title.
  • View data by both with and without net income categories.
  • Contains 10 years of IRS data.
  • Export data to Excel.
  • Includes multi-year benchmark and industry trend tool.
  • Contains video training.

Excel based Multi-Year Analysis and Industry Trending Tool

IRS includes a Multi-year analysis tool that will allow you to benchmark a target company’s financial statement against one or more years of IRS data in Excel. This benchmarking tool creates a 39 page benchmark analysis.

Available in these bundles
(save up to 77%)


Single User$275

Multi User$445

IRS Data includes:

Financial statement ratios. Common-size balance sheet and income statement line items.

Works with these products:

  • Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet
  • Downloads into ValuSource Pro, BVM Pro and Express Business Valuation