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David Fein’s Must Have Resources for a Successful Life & Business – Tony Robbins

#1: Tony Robbins

I met Tony in 1984 (when 30 people were in his seminars/fire walks, not 10,000!). I got to spend time with him, started staffing his workshops and found him and his ideas compelling. I was struggling with health issues and the biggest thing I learned was to focus on what I wanted (wellness) not what I didn’t want.

Seems blindingly obvious, but how often do we all focus on what is stressful, challenging, painful, etc., keeping us locked in a downward spiral?

Tony’s mantra is “What do you really want in your life and how are you going to get it?” Focusing on what we don’t want sucks our energy, kills forward momentum and produces more of what we don’t want. My biggest take away from Tony is “state management”, meaning managing your thinking, emotions and physiology so they take you where you want to go and provide the experience you are looking for (think qualities as well as outcomes).

Of course the biggest single emotion that stands in our way is fear, so that must be dealt with if you want to reach beyond your comfort zone. If you want to run a marathon, you need to condition your body, if you want positive, resourceful, powerful thoughts and emotions (and juicy life!), you must condition your mind daily to make that happen.

Tony is probably the most positively conditioned guy on the planet, he takes it very seriously (which is partially why his net worth is over 500M!)–we should not take our psychological/emotional conditioning lightly.

What is your daily conditioning plan for your thoughts and emotions (i.e. mind)? Don’t have one? Figure it out and create one! Check out his books, live events, CD series, it’s all great stuff.

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